Sozni Shawls/Stoles

Sozni Shawls

Kashmiri shawls are those fine delightful dress things utilized by ladies over arms and bears and, here and there, over the head also, they are high quality and have remarkable plans for each piece made.
In any case, what provides for Kashmiri shawls that excellent plan and style is really the weaving they have on it, among those weavings the most lovely and harder to perform is the sozni weaving.

To cause this to weave a solitary needle is required, and the material to make the plans are woolen, cotton, and different materials, it is otherwise called fine embroidery. Be that as it may, now and then is mistaken for chain join.

Chain fasten utilizes a snare rather than a needle, the materials are like sozni, cotton, woolen or silk string, in spite of being an extraordinary strategy that gives a lovely completion isn't just about as fine and fragile as sozni weave.

Sozni Kashmiri Shawls are Better

These days Kashmiri shawls are turning into a style pattern among ladies, this is certainly not something bizarre because of the hard imaginative work behind each piece made other than giving a rich and lovely angle to lady's outfit.

Kashmiri Shawls with sozni weaving Shawls are made in a more fragile and creative manner, indeed, the genuine way they were made first and foremost, by getting a sozni Kashmiri shawl you are getting a novel and valuable shawl as well as the best of its sort.

Get Your Own Sozni Shawls

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